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Helpful Suggestions - Clothing for Indian Functions

Wedding Wear For Guests

First rule of thumb is to ask the person who invited you what would be a good choice for their wedding. Most people will be happy to point you in the right direction and since wedding wear can vary from regional culture to regional culture, it is a good idea to find out what everyone else is wearing! For most women, the most tradtional item to wear to a wedding would be a saree (make sure you will have access to a blouse and petticoat in your size and a person tp help you dress as wrapping a sari can be rather difficult at first or purchase our video to show step-by step methods). Lehnga Cholis (skirt and blouse suits)are another very popular choice and are easy to wear. If you are intending a wedding of persons from North India, a dressy salwar kameez is another comfortable and easy to wear choice!

Party and Dinner Wear

Ask the person who invited you what would be a good choice to wear and find out what some of the other guests might be wearing. Depending on the level of formality you have basically the same options as wedding wear: Lehnga Choli, Saree, or Salwar Kameez. If the party is informal you might try a trendy Parallel Indo-West Fusion suit or a nice salwar kameez. Formal gatherings often require a lehnga choli or saree however, a nice formal salwar kameez in satin material might be a nice alternative.

Religious Event

It is most important that you ask the person who invited you what you should wear and what special requirements you might need. Most Indian religious functions, either Hindu or Muslim will require you cover your head and often require you to remove your shoes. It is important to bear these two things in mind when you are preparing for a religious event and no one should take offense to you asking specifically about these two subjects. If you are attending a Muslim religious event, be sure to ask if long sleeves should be worn as well. In some cases, Lehnga Cholis are acceptable wear for Muslim events but again this may vary from family to family so please ask the family. Salwar Kameez are usually a safe choice for most Muslim religious events. Salwar Kameez, Saree, and Lehnga Choli are almost alway safe for any Hindu religious event but as with any culture, traditions vary from family to family. Salwar Kameez have a duppatta (long scarf) that can be draped across the head. Lehnga Choli also usually come with a duppatta which can be arranged around the head. Saree end pieces can usually be draped over the head but depending on your size, this may not be an option as the amount of material at the end of the saree decreases as your size increases. If you select a saree after speaking with the family, be sure to bring along a scarf or some other suggestion provided by the family if your saree will not drape across your head.

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