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If you are new to the clothing of India, let us introduce you to Salwar Kameez. These suits are native to Northern India and in the past decade have seen a dramatic variation. Today's woman now can choose from traditional salwar kameez or an Indo-West Fusion that has been showing up around the world among some of the hottest fashion designers.

Salwar Kameez are made up of three pieces. The Salwar or pants, have a drawstring waist which allows you to make the pants as loose or tight around the waist fitting as you like. If you prefer elastic waists we can also add this for you on special orders. The Kameez is like a very long shirt that goes over the Salwar. With its clean long lines, this suit is not only comfortable but also figure flattering for all shapes and sizes.

The final piece of this lovely suit is the chunni AKA duppatta which is really the finishing piece This is similar to a scarf but much larger and wider. In ancient times, women used a thick material such as this to cover their heads for cultural, religious and practical purposes (to shade the sun from the eyes and face). Today, it is still used as a head covering by Muslim women in India and Pakistan but for the majority of women in India and America this is just a decorative piece that adds a gorgeous polished finish to the final suit. Don’t let it intimidate you. It can be worn in a variety of ways:draped over the shoulders like a stoll, pinned to the shoulders to form a cascade or tied on diagonally. It is all up to you! For a step by step tutorial showing several different ways to wear the duppatta please click here:

Duppatta Tutorial Guide

The salwar kameez can be broadly categorized in following categories

  • Formal Panjabi Salwar Kameez
  • Afghani Suit
  • Everyday wear cotton salwar kameez
  • Phulkari Salwar Kameez
  • Parallel Salwar Kameez
  • Pant Suit
  • Indo-West Fusion Dress
Blue Salwar Kameez
Latest Fashion of India - Indo-West Parallel Style Salwar Kameez Suit
Parallel Suit
Versatile Salwar Kameez Fashion Update
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